About Sukkur

Our city is beautiful and mysterious. Bound on three sides by the magical river Indus. Sukkur is home to the oldest Mosques, Churches & Temples, winding streets and chaoatic bazars & poets, writers, artists , musicians their muses and the world famous blind dolphins.

Sukkur’s beautiful crafts and textile embroideries have found their way to the markets and museums all over the world.

Locals have a genuine interest in the tourists and every one is looked after as a personal guest. Hospitality and warmth being part of the centuries old traditions and culture…

So…welcome..come and visit our city..and if in any way you’d like any information or tip before visiting or if you have any peculiar and curious queries do write us an email and we shall be happy to help…

Things you may want to know about Sukkur:

The Weather: summer’s are long and hot.. Sukkur has a six months summer (April to September)

A hazy and mysterious autumn (October, November)

Winters (December to February)

And a lone but not lonely spring (March)

Sukkur is just a 50 minutes flight from Karachi’s intl airport…and has 2/3 flights a day or a 6 hour drive on north bound highway from Karachi can make you pass through some beautiful scenery also last but not the least a train journey passing through a labyrinth of history and culture can bring you to our medieval city in about 8 hours….

Important Telephone Numbers.

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